How to Create a MetaMask Wallet and Receive Your Defilanthropy Tokens

Time to create a wallet and add Defilanthropy: 5-10 minutes

Create a Wallet

While there are many web3 wallet options, most people use MetaMask, which is simple to setup, supports every major browser on the desktop and has apps for Android and iOS. If you don’t already have a web3 wallet then just follow along below and we’ll get you started.

Download MetaMask

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the version you want to download (the page should auto-detect your device for you)
  3. Click the ‘Install MetaMask’ button
  4. Follow the instruction in MetaMask to setup and secure your wallet on your chosen platform, when you are done return to this page

Your Public Wallet Address

When you donate, we’ll ask you for your public wallet address so that we can send you the tokens you mined by donating. If you do not give us your wallet address then the tokens you mined will be automatically saved in our treasury for future charitable work but if you want to keep your tokens it’s important you give us your public wallet address when donating, this is where to find it in the MetaMask wallet you just setup:

Where to find your public wallet address in MetaMask

  • It’s a bit different depending on the platform, however it’s going to be at the top under your account name and will start with 0x followed by a unique string of letters and numbers, this is your wallet address
  • To copy your wallet address just click on it and select ‘copy to clipboard’

If you get stuck, please refer to this MetaMask help page.

Receiving Your Defilanthropy Tokens

When you donate to an important non-profit like Save The Children through Defilanthropy, you will receive the same tax benefit that you always do but you’ll also be mining tokens that are yours to keep and later use however you want, they’re yours to donate back later to magnify your contribution or even sell on an exchange or trade for things like NFTs.

How to mine your tokens

  1. Donate to an important non-profit like Save The Children through Defilanthropy
  2. On the donation form you will see a box for your public wallet address (see above on where to find and copy your public wallet address)
  3. After you donate, your tokens will be mined and distributed to you on a schedule, we’ll send you a notification on when you can expect your Defilanthropy tokens to be sent to you

How to view your tokens in MetaMask

By default, MetaMask will not show you your Defilanthropy token balance, you’ll still own them even if you don’t see them in there since the tokens will be associated on the blockchain with your public wallet address but you’ll need to add them to your MetaMask to easily see your token balance and to send and exchange them in the future.

To start, you’ll need to add the xDai network to your MetaMask wallet, xDai is a popular layer 2 Ethereum chain that provides faster transactions at a very low cost.

Add xDai network to your MetaMask

You have two choices to add the xDai network to your wallet, automatically or to do so manually:

  • Add xDai network to your wallet automatically (recommended)
    • Just click this link ( MetaMask deeplink to Add xDai ) and follow the instructions in your MetaMask wallet to add the xDai network to your wallet
  • Or, add xDai network to your wallet manually (advanced)
    • If you prefer to add the xDai network to MetaMask manually, then you can follow these instructions

Add the Defilanthropy token as an Asset to your MetaMask wallet

Switch your MetaMask wallet to the xDai network
  1. By default at the top of your MetaMask wallet you’ll see your current network is ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ (on mobile it may be called ‘Ethereum Main Network’)
  2. Click on that and a list of networks will appear, click on ‘xDai Chain’ (if you do not see that as an option, see above to add xDai to MetaMask)
  3. MetaMask will switch to the xDai network, you can switch between networks at anytime but for the following steps be sure you’re on the xDai network
Add Defilanthropy as an asset to MetaMask

Note: we have not launched yet, as soon as we do, the token address to add will be added below, come back then to complete these final steps

  1. In MetaMask, be sure you see ‘xDai Chain’ or ‘xDai’ as your current network at the top of MetaMask (if not see above)
  2. Click add the ‘Add Token’ button and a box will appear
  3. In the ‘Token Address’ box enter: (address to be added when we launch)
  4. Give it a moment and the other two boxes should automatically be filled for you
  5. Confirm all the information matches this:
    (image to be added when launch)


If you followed all of the above step you now not only have a web3 wallet setup but you’re also ready to receive, send, trade and spend your Defilanthropy tokens, well done!

Welcome to web3 and Defilanthropy, we’re glad to have you 🙂

If you would like to learn more about all the things you can do with MetaMask, watch this: