What is the Defilanthropy Governance Token?

Decentralized Donation Mining

It’s a medal of philanthropy and the ultimate honor given to those who help save the planet for the future of our children

Using our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) via our web3 voting system, token holders decide where the billions of dollars that the Defilanthropy Transparency Partners have received in donations are going to be allocated (which climate change initiatives, which charity programs, which NGOs, etc) and they can do so by having full visibility and transparency over how each cent is used

Nonprofits waste an average of 50% of all donations they receive on sales, administrative and fundraising efforts; we are already reducing that number by more than half for our Defilanthropy Transparency Partners while simultaneously increasing total donations using our web3 automation solution

Per every $1 you donate to any nonprofit, only $0.5 is used to help. Defilanthropy Transparency Partners use at least 80% of all donations they receive to actually help and they can prove it to the public using our augmented transparency solution in which all financial and accounting data is published for the entire world to see

Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear

The only way to mine the Defilanthropy Governance Token is by helping and donating, which means a minimal carbon footprint and some good being done in the world. After an initial mining period, Defilanthropy will be listed on popular exchanges to give access to the larger market

The Defilanthropy Governance Token generates less carbon emissions than most cryptocurrencies and far less than credit cards like Visa. We also have extremely low gas fees. It’s a deflationary token, so no more tokens will ever be minted beyond the Max Supply. We will even burn tokens from our treasury when we achieve our goals of reducing extreme poverty and saving the planet from climate change

In contrast, Bitcoin mining requires extreme computational resources to solve complex mathematical problems, consuming high amounts of energy and consequently causing high carbon emissions


The Defilanthropy Advantage

There are approximately 3.27 Billion individuals globally living in extreme poverty and that figure represents the Defilanthropy Maximum Supply. 1/3rd of those individuals are children below the age of 20

According to the most important and brilliant scientists in the world, we have less than 8 years to save our planet from climate change

Our sole purpose and responsibility at Defilanthropy is to reduce that extreme poverty number and to save our planet from climate change. But we can’t change the world alone, we need your help

Blockchain Technology

Running on an Ethereum Layer 2 to achieve 3-5 second transaction times with extremely low gas fees and carbon emissions

Tax Deductible Donation Mining

Backed by the top nonprofits in the world, you can earn tokens by donating in 120+ countries and you will also receive your full tax credit

Ambassador Rewards

Defilanthropy Ambassadors receive 5% of donations they help generate + Defilanthropy Governance Tokens (Limited Time Offer)


How Does Donation Mining & DAO Voting Work?

During Epoch I (Please See Limited Time Offer Timeline Below), using one of our Defilanthropy Transparency Partners as an example; per every $15 donated to Save the Children, you save the life of 1 child and:

Donor/Philanthropist receives 6 Defilanthropy tokens, Defilanthropy Ambassador receives 3 tokens, the Agency or Team Leader (entity helping coordinate the planet saving fundraising efforts) receives 1 token, and the nonprofit or crowdfunding platform where the donation occurs also receives 1 token

We are therefore web3 enabling at least half of the supply chain of nonprofits to make them accountable via our augmented transparency solution

Token holders decide the resource allocation of at least $5 Billion when all the Defilanthropy Donation Mining Supply is in circulation. Token holders can vote to which climate change initiatives those donations are funneled to, using our web3 voting app in our governance DAO. Since the financial and accounting data of the Defilanthropy Transparency Partners will be published for the world to see, token holders will not only be able to vote based on unbiased data visibility, but will also be able to track the impact of the donations using our blockchain data visualization dashboard

We enable blockchain visibility and tools, democratizing the power (and great responsibility) to decide, by giving it to the decentralized community, instead of centralized black box decision makers with no accountability

This offer expires in December 2021

Epoch I Start

October 1, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)

Maximum Deflationary Supply


Estimated Epoch 1 End

December 31, 2021 (11:00AM GMT)

Minimum Donation Amount


Estimated Time To Complete Epoch I
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Limited Time Offer Timeline

With your help, these are the estimated milestones we are looking forward to achieve. Since governments, companies and politicians are not doing much, only you can help us save the planet for the future of our children



Do you want to sell air for the rest of your life or do you want to come with us and save the planet for the future of our children?

Web3 Enabling DeFi Donations Platform (Limited Time Offer: Please See Timeline Above)

  • NGOs & Nonprofits waste an average 50% of all donations on sales, administrative and fundraising efforts; Defilanthropy Transparency Partners are reducing that number to less than 20% so that at least 80% of all donations are actually used to help

  • All donations are tax deductible within 120+ countries

  • 6 Defilanthropy tokens per every $15 donated for Donors/Philanthropists

  • 5% + 3 tokens per every $15 donated for Defilanthropy Ambassadors

  • Save the planet and the life of 1 child per every $15 donated

  • Backed by the top transparent nonprofits and NGOs in the world

  • 2.5% + 1 token per every $15 donated for Agencies & Team Leaders

  • 2.5% + 1 token per every $15 donated for the Platform where the donation occurs


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Defilanthropy?

Defilanthropy is a web3 Software as a Service for nonprofits that uses governance tokens to power our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Donation mining means tokens are minted when people donate to Save the Children, or any other nonprofit that has the will to become transparent and accountable for the first time.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

This depends on the web3 enabled platform where the donation occurs. It could occur at the nonprofit's platform or a third party crowdfunding platform. Some of our platform partners accept both fiat and several cryptocurrencies. If you want to inquire about or become a platform partner, then please contact us.

How can I participate?

By donating at the Save the Children in Mexico website (out of the 120+ countries where we operate, Mexico is by far the third world country that needs it most), or by donating at select nonprofit crowdfunding platforms (please contact us to inquire about our Defilanthropy Transparency Partners).

How do I benefit from Defilanthropy Donation Mining?

By donating money to Save The Children in Mexico to mine the token, by signing up to be an Ambassador, by becoming a Team Leader or Agency coordinating Ambassadors, and/or by becoming a web3 enabled crowdfunding platform or nonprofit.

What are the future uses of the token?

After the initial mining epochs, the Defilanthropy Governance Token will be listed in major exchanges through our existing partnerships. Over time, Save the Children and other NGOs will use the token to directly fund their activities instead of using fiat currencies to save on global transfer fees and to direct funds instantly where they're most needed. In short, Defilanthropy will become a medium of exchange to do good. Token holders also receive voting, pooling, and staking rights via our DAO.

Are the tokens actually mined?

Technically, no. Each time someone donates, governance tokens will be minted and will be distributed according to the epoch schedule. This is more like a novel method of airdropping, but we prefer the term donation mining since it better captures our intent. Essentially, you donate to receive governance tokens.

Is the supply capped?

Yes, our goal is to reduce global poverty and save the planet from climate change. The World Bank estimated the number of people living in extreme poverty below the $5.50/day mark at 3,271,000,000 when we began the project so that is the maximum number of tokens that will ever be minted, the supply is capped. Once we achieve our goals, the token holders will vote if we burn some from our treasury.

Will tokens be burned?

Yes, if the token holders vote in favour of doing so. As the World Bank estimate for the number of people living below the $5.50/day mark decreases, our DAO will vote if burning a proportional number of tokens makes sense. This incentivizes our work as an organization and every single token holder to do what they can to decrease that awfully large number.

Is Defilanthropy a governance token?

No, Defilanthropy is The Web 3.0 Operating System or Software as a Service for Nonprofits that uses governance tokens, smart contracts and oracles in order to operate and function properly.


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