How Does Technology Work?


The most successful entrepreneurs in the world (like Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin), have proven that the best way to generate value is via conscious capitalism and philanthropy. First you give value, then you earn. You get what you give and you reap what you sow. has decided to take this further via the blessings of web3 technology, starting a movement by the people for the people we call ‘Give 2 Earn’

We believe that decentralized blockchain technology is already solving and has the potential to solve even more of the biggest socioeconomic challenges the world is currently facing

We are going to make it happen by focusing in a virtuous cycle, composed of five steps in a feedback loop:

1. Community Ownership: Back in the ancient Finance 1.0 model, companies and organizations were investor-owned. The most important thing was the bottom line and maximizing profits for investors. The problem with that model is that it made the rich richer and the poor poorer

Companies and organizations had to focus on maximizing profits and therefore dividends for investors, inhibiting innovation and growth, as those profits cannot be reinvested to deliver better products and services to the consumer, because they ended up in investor pockets

With the adoption of the web1 and web2 internet, Finance 2.0 was born. Companies like Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon emerged. These companies were co-founder and team-owned (at first, the biggest shareholders were the people running the business and making things happen, not the passive investors)

Since the consumer was the priority for these founder-owned startups, and not investors anymore, these companies reinvested all their profits into innovation and growth, a concept also known as ‘blitzscaling’

Investors now made money on share value growth, not dividends

“Losing money is not a bug, it’s a feature”, “grow or die” and “lose money until you leave your rivals in the dust”, became Silicon Valley mantras and created the big tech monopolies

Amazon is the perfect example of this model. While most retailers were still following the ancient Finance 1.0 model, seeking to maximize investor dividends by focusing on the bottom line, Amazon was reinvesting every cent into growth with customer obsession as their main principle

They focused on free cash flow (the top line which is driven by customers, instead of the bottom line which is driven by investors). This of course, caused the massive extinction of retail dinosaurs

While Finance 2.0 was better than the old Finance 1.0 model (because it generated way more value to the users of the products/services); the problem with that business model was exactly the fact that it created the big tech monopolies that now own the world today. It generated a massive centralization of power and wealth into these few elite big tech companies

Said monopolies became the status quo that their co-founders once challenged when those companies first started. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer

With the advent of the web3 internet, based on decentralized blockchain technology, Open Finance 3.0 is born

Community-owned and governed organizations emerge, where the owners are the employees of the organization. They all make insane amounts of money by working towards one common goal: building value for the users (themselves), which translates into token/asset growth in the secondary markets

Ethereum exemplifies this new disruptive model, with millions of employees across hundreds of countries, but none receive a salary, as they are not really employees. They are the owners, users, creators, team members and investors of the organization (all five functions covered by one person at the same time), building together towards one common goal as an open-source community. This creates what is known as distributive justice under a meritocracy model

History has proven that neither the radical right, nor the extreme left, are functional socioeconomic models

If thesis + antithesis = synthesis, then capitalism + socialism = solution to the biggest socioeconomic challenges + the wealth gap between the rich and the poor?

Ethereum not only solve this in practice, but combines the best of both old financial models and enhances them even further. With billions of dollars in annual gas/transaction fee revenues and a 100% net profit margin after the Proof-of-Stake merge, no one (except other decentralized blockchain-based organizations like Bitcoin with a few improvements), can possibly compete with that

It gets even better, that net profit is distributed to the community. Token/asset holders receive that net profit via staking. All parties that are actually building value for the Ethereum ecosystem benefit from its success

in order to participate in this just distribution of wealth, community members must have skin in the game by having to purchase the token/asset (or receiving it as compensation for their work via mechanisms like airdrops) and then staking it

All of this is done autonomously by the code and smart contracts. There is no bureaucrat, person or middleman paying these dividends or deciding who gets what. Math and algorithms solve it transparently and automatically without corruption is following a similar model, disrupting philanthropy by decentralizing power and giving it to those that are actually making things happen, the donors and the volunteers

We are community-owned and governed. Millions of donors and volunteers will be the co-founders and board members of this decentralized nonprofit organization. They are the ones that decide how their own money and time is allocated

If you want to learn how you can become a co-founder of this community, then please continue reading

2. Blockchain Transparency: Decentralized blockchains like Bitcoin & Ethereum are fully transparent. Any person in the world with internet access can see how money moves in the blockchain

The problem is cash. Once crypto is converted into cash; transparency, traceability and visibility are lost

Those that argue that decentralized blockchains can be used for criminal and illicit activities simply speak out of ignorance. If we had a decentralized blockchain-based economy and eliminated physical fiat currencies, then corruption and crime would be impossible, or at the very least criminals would be extremely exposed

Criminals that use decentralized blockchains are not very smart. The US Department of Justice has caught the criminals and confiscated the money they stole in most hacks, scams and illicit activities that have occurred within US territory. Simply because they are extremely easy to track for tech-savvy authorities

Only in countries with absolutely no competency in cybersecurity can decentralized blockchains be used for illicit purposes

At we provide full transparency and visibility to philanthropists, showing exactly how their donations are being used by our blockchain-transparent INGO Partners, and this is only possible thanks to decentralized blockchain technology (the ultimate open-source accounting transparency solution)

Unfortunately, most nonprofit organizations refuse to become publicly transparent (with few exceptions like Save the Children). Isn’t that concerning? Those that have nothing to fear, should have nothing to hide

3. Internet Access: Almost half of the global population does not have internet access and that is a key step to the solution

Elon Musk’s Starlink and others, have the potential to solve this but they need funding for the hardware required, lobbying for governments to allow free internet (tricky subject because it means more value to the people, but less taxes collected), and also hands for the distribution + protection of the hardware

With the help of our INGO partners like Save the Children, we can secure the funds, and with millions of properly compensated volunteers we can also make the distribution happen

While Turing complete decentralized blockchain technology has the potential to solve most of the world’s biggest social and economic problems, it cannot do so if the world doesn’t have internet access

4. Action-Based Learning: The traditional education system is obsolete as it tends to only provide theory, yet science has proven over and over that the only way to learn is by doing, not by memorizing theory. First principle understanding is fundamental, but what you do with said understanding is how you truly learn. You need to personally validate (or question) the theory by turning it into action

In a world with a lot of Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD) driven by political agendas and false information regarding disruptive technologies due to lack of understanding, first principle action-based learning is now more necessary than ever

With almost a billion people unable to read nor write and most of the rest under politically controlled media-based education, it’s a big problem

This is why we are in the process of partnering with the Tec of Monterrey, #1 private university in Mexico and Top 5 in Latin America including both public and private universities, ranked by the prestigious Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Top 200 Global University Rankings

The Tec’s disruptive education model requires students to learn by doing. Graduation depends not only on the grades provided by their professors, but also the results students achieve when doing their internships at startups, companies and blockchain projects

They have also enabled their model to be 100% virtual and remote, which is highly scalable

It is also one of the first high schools and universities in the world to make blockchain and crypto classes mandatory as part of their curriculum

Any of the top 200 global high schools and universities with a similar model and vision can join us in our mission

5. Research & Development (R&D) Global Impact: Throughout history, every single one of the most important quantum leaps of humanity have been achieved because of scientific breakthroughs and disruptive technology. The wheel, plane, electricity, printing press, web1 internet and now web3 decentralized blockchain technology

We will assist web3 projects with the potential to change the world and make it a better place as voted by our community

(Community Ownership) + (Blockchain Transparency) + (Internet Access) + (Action-Based Learning) + (Global Impact) = Solution

The thesis of our movement is to solve the supply and demand for those five steps via decentralized trustless systems and unbiased resource allocation

People need to learn how to hunt, not be fed in the mouth with a spoon like a baby pigeon

Some governments can continue to provide free money to the poor in order to buy their votes, but that is only going to cause more debasement, inflation, and supply chain issues due to the lack of production. It’s only going to teach recipients that they don’t need to work, which will ultimately cause another economic collapse because of those corrupt decisions and lack of value generation

It’s more than evident that the current political and economic system is obsolete as can be observed by current wars, chaos and political oppression, consequently causing all these problems. Most governments have failed to deliver results in these areas, and most for profit companies are not even trying as there is no short term Return On Investment (ROI)

That leaves solving these challenges in the hands of the people (and INGOs for execution)

However, most nonprofits waste an average 30% of all donations they receive in donor acquisition costs (sales) instead of the cause they are promoting, and most people continue to expect the next government leader to solve all their problems

All of these issues combined are causing the continuous loss of faith in both Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations due to their lack of transparency and corruption

Isn’t the definition of insanity to attempt the same thing over and over, expecting different results?

Those that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it

A New Hope: Give 2 Earn

There are two ways you can ‘Give 2 Earn’:

1. Volunteer Mining: Contribute to solving the world’s biggest problems/opportunities by joining our community and help change the world

2. Donation Mining: Purchase our philanthropic Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and web3 products/services, in which 100% of the profits are donated or donate directly to blockchain-transparent Top INGOs

We can’t do this alone, we need your help. For both of the above contributions, you will receive $DPHI tokens in return #give2earn has literally materialized the maxims “you get what you give” and “you reap what you sow”. It’s not just karma anymore, now you literally and materially get what you give

We define ‘Top INGOs’ as only those the philanthropists themselves certify as blockchain-transparent. Only the INGOs that embrace the transparency, traceability and accountability of this next generation technology can be defined as Top INGOs and only the philanthropists giving back to the world by proving them with donations can deem them so

Humans are corruptible by nature and history has proven that centralized power will corrupt even the purest of souls. Therefore, decentralized blockchain trustless systems = anti-corruption automation technology

Backed By First Principles & Fundamentals

First, you must understand how stablecoins are able to sustain a 1 : 1 parity with the United States Dollar (USD). It’s actually very simple

It’s important to note that we will be describing collateralized stablecoins (like $DAI), not algorithmic stablecoins, which so far have been highly speculative experiments and therefore of extreme high risk (like $LUNA/$UST)

It’s important to note that over 90% of blockchain-based projects will fail due to the absence of fundamentals and only those that are actually generating value will change the world (like Ethereum, with billions in gas fee revenues and a 100% net profit margin post-merge, which is fully distributed to the community)

While fundamentals have not driven the secondary markets in this new normal (narrative and speculation have), much like the dot-com bubble bursting in the 1990s, so will this bubble burst

Similar to how the USD used to have real value way back when it was pegged to the gold standard. The value of the USD depended on the amount and value of gold the Federal Reserve had in its treasury

Stablecoins have at least $1 USD in their treasury pegged to every 1 stablecoin token that is printed/minted. That simple

The $DPHI token is not a stablecoin because it’s not pegged to treasury assets, but it’s backed by the liquidity of philanthropic purchases and/or donations

A small % of donations made directly to the blockchain-transparent Top INGOs in either fiat currencies and/or crypto, are then donated to the Defilanthropy treasury to back token value with liquidity, generating a recurring stream of free cash flow

We have also released and will continue to build web3 products and services in which 100% of the profits are donated; such as philanthropic NFTs and Metaverse collections, payments gateway bridge with fiat on and off-ramp, and blockchain development services with philanthropic alignment

This means each and every $DPHI token that is ever minted and distributed will always be backed by liquidity in the form of over-collateralized decentralized stablecoins (ie: $DAI), staked ETH which will continuously generate more free cash flow for our treasury post-merge, and eventually tangible assets (like physical real estate) in the form of NFTs, which also appreciate in value over time

The price of the token can be a lot higher depending on the supply and demand of the secondary markets, but it will always have a floor based on the liquidity and assets of our treasury

We’re not getting into the speculation game of meme tokens and stocks, $DPHI will always be backed by first principles and fundamentals

Using our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) via our web3 voting decentralized app, token holders automatically decide where billions in donations are allocated and they can do so by having full visibility and transparency over how each cent is used by blockchain-transparent Top INGOs, thanks to our open-source accounting transparency app

If the unitary $DPHI token value approaches -25% in a 7-day period once it enters secondary markets (more on that below), the protocol will automatically start buying $DPHI tokens, removing liquidity from the markets and generating buy pressure (acting like an autonomous stock buyback, burn mechanism or sink for the faucet)

It’s also a deflationary token with a capped maximum supply (for tokenomics, please continue reading below)

Feel free to join our community via Discord if you have any questions

When does $DPHI enter secondary markets?

Our community has voted that the $DPHI token can only be initially obtained by true philanthropists. Only those who help, participate, engage, donate and give back can receive it ($DPHI cannot be acquired by speculating in the exchanges, yet)

While a few of the biggest exchanges in the world have already offered to list the $DPHI token, we will not accept those offers until we reach the following milestones:

1. Losing Control: In order for an autonomous resource allocation vote to pass, token holder majority needs to vote in favor or against a specific initiative. The Genesis Co-Founders (the first core team builders of our community and technology) still hold token majority, so it’s our duty and responsibility to lose control of the platform we have built so resource allocation is truly unbiased

2. 1 Million True Philanthropists: In order to achieve losing control, but also to have enough liquidity to back token value and be able to solve humanity’s biggest problems/opportunities; we estimate that we need at least 1 million true philanthropists as Co-Founders of Defilanthropy

Once we have achieved those two milestones as a community, we will accept the offers to be listed in the exchanges

We will launch in secondary markets via an Automated Market Maker (AMM) in Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) first, and we will always be available within Decentralized Finance (DeFi) networks

We’re all here to change the world first, not just to make money

At the rate we are growing, we expect to achieve said milestones by 2023

Defilanthropy Culture

One of the core principles and values of our community is decentralization maximalism, because so far it seems like the only viable solution to end corruption.

You can’t trust humans but you can trust the code. Code is law

Renowned historian, philosopher and senator from Ancient Rome: Tacitus, summarized corruption in a single phrase: “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”

And guess what is happening in the world right now? Several centralized governments continue to add more and more laws to control, manipulate and subdue the people they are supposed to represent, as if their people were no more than subjects and slaves to them

No person, government, nor institution should have the right to remove your free will. No one should have the right to force you on what you can or cannot do with your own hard earned property and money. Unless of course, you have physically harmed another fellow human being or stolen their hard earned property and money, in which case the government should intervene as that is the purpose of any government

Innocent until proven guilty is a constitutional right. Any laws that politicians justify as supposedly necessary “to protect the people” are attempting to remove their free will, causing a guilty until proven innocent dynamic. Such laws are anti-constitutional

Laws and regulation are important, but the excess thereof and the fact that we still have obsolete laws from centuries ago without an expiry date is corruption

As that vicious cycle continues, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer

Please help us peacefully end this madness, before it’s too late 🙏

Next Generation Web3 Technology

The Defilanthropy Advantage

There are approximately 3.27 billion individuals living in extreme poverty and that figure represents the $DPHI maximum supply. It’s a deflationary token, meaning no more tokens will ever be minted

We will also provide NFT, Metaverse and Decentralized App upgrades to those that choose to burn $DPHI tokens as a sink to the faucet

Our sole purpose and responsibility at Defilanthropy is elevating consciousness to heal the world by providing internet access, action-based learning to the less fortunate, R&D-based global impact and to eventually reduce that extreme poverty number. But we can’t change the world alone, we need your help

Decentralized Blockchain Technology

Running on the Gnosis/xDai Ethereum sidechain to achieve 3-5 second transactions with low gas fees (NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet)

Give 2 Earn Tax Credits & Fiat On/Off Ramp

Backed by blockchain-transparent Top INGOs, earn tokens and tax credits by giving in both fiat or crypto within 120+ countries

Climate-Friendly: Extremely Low Energy Usage

Gnosis/xDai sidechain boasts an energy usage 20,000x lower than credit cards like Visa, causing no carbon footprint (no contamination)



The maximum supply is distributed as follows (minting of the circulating supply happens only if the treasury has the minimum viable liquidity to back token value of at least $1 USD per each $DPHI token distributed):

Charitable Work & Global Impact: 35%
Give 2 Earn Liquid Drops: 35%
Genesis Co-Founders & Core Team: 15%
Token Holders Community Share: 10%
Sponsors & Market Makers: 5%

Contrary to other models we will not provide an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of our token as that has only proven to create massive inflation/dilution of existing token holders and therefore sell pressure

Those other models are often considered Ponzi schemes because of their high APYs

Every token minted can only be obtained by either donating directly to blockchain-transparent Top INGOs and/or purchasing our philanthropic products and services in which 100% of profits are donated

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is all about the community so we will also provide 10% of all liquid treasury assets back to token holders at the beginning of each year to reward philanthropic contributions

Defilanthropy Heroes Challenge + Save the Children in Mexico & Ukraine NFT Collections

10,000 NFTs: July 5, 2022 Launch

Maximum Deflationary Supply


Tec Blockchain Conference 2022 & NFT Collection

September 22, 2022 Launch

NFT Collections Floor Price

0.07 ETH

Save the Children in Mexico & Ukraine NFT Collection Launch
  • 00 Days
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  • 00 Seconds
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Limited Time Offer Timeline

With your help, these are the milestones we are achieving. Since most governments, companies and bureaucrats are not achieving much, only you can help heal the planet for the future of humanity

Decentralizing & Democratizing Philanthropy

Products & Services

100% of all profits are donated to blockchain-transparent Top INGOs like Save the Children

Join Our Community For More Information

  • Payments Gateway Bridge: Supporting over 1,000 crypto tokens and fiat currencies. Includes paying with web2 credit cards and wallets with an optional automated conversion to crypto (on-ramp). It also includes an optional automated conversion to fiat (off-ramp)
  • Give 2 Earn: Reduce donor and customer acquisition costs by more than 50% (average) + increase donor and customer lifetime value with philanthropic crypto rewards and loyalty tokens
  • Metaverse & NFT Collections: Includes royalty smart contracts and future upgrades that can be acquired with a $DPHI token burn mechanism
  • Open-Source Accounting Transparency App: Top INGOs can gain the trust of philanthropists by bringing their accounting and financials on chain for the world to see how donations are being used
  • Blockchain Development Services: We can build anything from an NFT marketplace to an Ethereum Layer 2 protocol (as long as the client donates a % of revenues)
Our First Co-Founders & Core Team Builders

Genesis Team

This is the Defilanthropy Genesis Team, the first Co-Founders and Core Team Builders that began the ‘Give 2 Earn’ movement. Here’s a brief description of what they used to do before taking the web3 pill and abandoning web2. There’s also a link to their LinkedIn profiles so you can see some of their previous work before becoming decentralization maximalists and going all in building within the Ethereum ecosystem

Daniel Molano
Former Silicon Valley Web2 Deep Tech Chairman, CEO & CTO
Beatriz Duran
Former TradFi Investment Banker, Fintech & REITs
Carlos Rene
Former Technical Product Lead @ Input Output (Cardano)
Sy Zygy
Current Core Team & Product Lead @ KlimaDAO
Any questions?

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